Finding Inspiration

Four years ago, inspiration was…

  • A beautiful work of art
  • A gentle melody
  • A picturesque vista
  • A book…movie…celebrity

Choices you make and life events that you experience will undoubtedly change your perspective on where one finds inspiration. For me, I chose to go from couch potato to marathon finisher with the help of Team in Training, an endurance training organization and part of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

So today, in addition to being inspired by art, music, nature, etc…I have also found inspiration in…

  • A mother who survived cancer, completed her first endurance event, and said FU to cancer
  • A father who coaches others to run while completing his own marathons in memory of his teenage son
  • A husband completing his final chemo treatment and going for a “short” 10 mile run
  • A sixty-five year-old grandmother of two who kicked cancer’s ass THREE times
  • An eight year-old boy whose battle touches the lives of thousands around the world even after his passing

Where do you find your inspiration?

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. On behalf of everyone living with or being treated for blood cancer, LLS wants to raise $400,000 this month. Please help them reach that goal by donating through my fundraising link: Make a Difference by Donating


One thought on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Gary Kawka

    I find my inspiration in people like you who help others out of the goodness of their heart without actually having a personal connection to the cause!


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